Disappearing windows (View / Hide)

I see that a lot of people search for the term “fl studio sequencer disappear“, “fl studio piano roll disappear” or other windows or tools in FL Studio that suddenly is gone.

There’s no need to panic.

View or hide Playlist

Press [F5]


Click the toolbar’s [VIEW] -> [Playlist]


Click the view/hide Playlist button:

View / hide Playlist

View or hide Step sequencer

Press [F6]


Click  the toolbar’s [VIEW] ->[Step sequencer]


Click the view / hide Step sequencer button:

View / hide Step sequencer

View or hide Piano roll

Press [F7]


Click the toolbar’s [VIEW] -> [Piano roll]


Click the view / hide Piano roll button:

View / hide Piano roll

View or hide Browser

Press [F8]


Click the toolbar’s [VIEW] -> [Browser]


Click the view / hide Browser button:

View / hide Browser

View or hide Mixer

Press [F9]


Click the toolbar’s [VIEW] -> [Mixer]


Click the view / hide Mixer button:

View / hide Mixer

View or hide channel properties

The properties of the step sequencer’s channel, and the chosen instrument/sound genereator is generally set in a properies window. Clicking the channel in the Step sequencer will open the properties window or push it in front.

The same goes for the mixer / effect properties. Open the mixer, chose the selected mixer channel and then the effect.


    What button when the edison window disappears??

    • I don’t know if there is a button for that. I’ve checked the file menu, the help file and more, but can not find any.

      • Haile

        Any1 Fix this???

  • Equ

    my browser is genuinely gone. F8 1000 times and it’s still missing. Cant access any samples, list of history, etc.

    • It might be that you have “minimized” it. Try this:

      Click “View” in the file menu and make sure that “Browser” is “ticked”.
      Try clicking and dragging from the left side of the program window.

      • Nathan Lea

        I have the same problem as this guy and I’ve tried dragging but its just not showing up

  • mello

    my mixer has diappeared in fl 9 keep pressing f9 but nothing happens

  • Maanil

    My step sequencer is not opening , I am pressing f6 still nothing is happening plz help ( new fl)

  • razztahboi

    What about all of the note properties inside of piano roll just vanishing. Very hard trying to do what I want without that key part.